XTAM Internal Database Tables

Please find the list of XTAM internal database tables in the spreadsheet below with a breakdown by the following categories:

* Configuration – tables used for system configuration (record types, workflows setup, password reset policies, session routing, etc)

* Operations – tables used to record historical data: audit log, job history, event subscriptions, sessions

* Content – tables used to store assets (records, folders, permissions)

* Cache – tables used for temporary data local for the nodes using this database (authentication service tickets, locks, messages from the queue, etc).



The categorized list of tables might be used to design replication procedures when deciding priorities of data copied from different tables.

In databases that support sequences, special attention should be paid to the sequence called HIBERNATE_SEQUENCE that should be maintained between databases.

This sequence is used to generate primary keys for the system tables.

Its values should be greater than the largest primary key in the system.

For databases that do not support sequences (MySQL, Maria DB, etc) the role of the sequence is played by the correspondingly named table.